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Recent News & Updates

Latest Site Updates.

We are making more improvments to the site frequently,please be patient
as the site is being built. we will be announcing our upload form within the
next 2 weeks so our current followers can start uploading there mods to

We have been working on getting our first downloads ready, for the public.
we have around 20 mods that we will release within the next 2 weeks to get started.
then will be slowly adding more mods as we can.

All Modders if you find your file on our site please contact us with proof and we will
kindly add the correct credits or any other changes you may like to the mod.
You can still upload your mods if they are not on the site.

We would also like to announce that we have started working on the membership
option so you can control your mods and edit as needed, with the members name
being connected to our upcomming forum for our Skyrim mods website


Steam & Bethesda have removed paid modding from skyrim workshop.

Valve & Bethesda have finally announced the removal of the payment system
from steam workshop Effective as of 28th of April, Refunds have been given
to anyone who may have purchased a mod using the system

Bethesda’s blog originally defended the mod system and was then later updated

Typical Mods Would like to hear what you think about the situation??

Should we have payed mods or not? (Read More)